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The strong rise in temperatures makes us look for garments with natural, breathable and fresh fabrics. Above all, the months of July and August we look for looks that are fresh and do not make us sweat too much.

We often make the mistake of finding a super comfortable outfit and then you don't take it off all summer. Wash and put. And it is that the heat does not let us think and we opt for the most practical.

But dressing all summer with these 4 basic and repetitive garments, as comfortable as it may be, is not an option either.

For this reason, in this article we are going to give you some advice on fresh fabrics, trends and a good choice of clothes to travel, go on getaways, go to concerts, museums, exhibitions, etc. Clothes that are comfortable and light to help us withstand the heat waves that hit the planet more every year.

From Instinto, we want to help you choose that summer look to face the heat with the freshest and most colorful fabric garments. We have a wide variety of models and shapes with sizes up to XXXL.

The most breathable fabrics

The first fabric that comes to mind is, without a doubt, cotton. Natural fabric that does not rub or irritate the skin, avoiding allergies. It promotes air circulation, moves moisture away from the body and acts as an insulator.

 Cotton garments not only protect from heat during the summer, in winter they also offer thermal insulation. In addition, cotton has hypoallergenic properties, for this reason it is used both in health products, such as bandages and gauze, and in baby clothes.

Garments made of cotton are comfortable and soft, versatile pieces that pamper our skin and provide great comfort.

In our collections we always have cotton garments, printed, hand-painted or with applications that give a special touch to the design.

On the other hand, we have viscose. It is a fiber derived from natural materials. It is manufactured by purifying the cellulose fibers that are extracted from the pulp of the wood of trees, such as beech, eucalyptus or bamboo, among others.

It is also a very breathable garment, light and with a very pleasant touch. But one of its main characteristics is that it is very fresh, with a very pleasant touch, that it has a lot of drape and very bright colors. In addition, viscose garments do not require an iron and are ideal for traveling. Actually, all the garments that we have in Instinto are very practical and do not need ironing.

That lightness and soft touch, as if it were a second skin, gives garments made with this fabric many qualities for the hottest season of the year.

The Venetian knit fabric provides great drape to garments. The mixture of viscose and lycra gives the necessary elasticity to adapt well to the body, providing great comfort and ease of movement. A very cool fabric and ideal for summer.

In our Instinct stores you can find many options to dress fresh and with cheerful colors, with soft and very comfortable fabrics.

We design and make eco-friendly garments, that is, respectful of the environment, that will make you fall in love with their originality and delicacy. We wrap ourselves in an organic atmosphere through natural fabrics and our own collections, made in Barcelona. Garments full of nuances and patterns that take us back to nature, art and many other things.


To travel, comfort

 We are going to propose some functional and comfortable looks to pack in your summer vacation suitcase.

If you decide to go to the mountains, keep in mind that, depending on the area, it can be cooler. On the other hand, we look for adaptable garments that are versatile both for taking an excursion, as well as for walking and sightseeing in the chosen destination.

Our thin cropped leggings in viscose fabric combined with a loose printed cotton or viscose t-shirt will always be a good option. The most sensible thing is to opt for functionality. However, we can always add elements that make a difference, that add color and aesthetics to the look.

If you opt for the city, keep in mind that you are also going to walk a lot, wander around to discover the essence of the place, museums, parks, concerts, monuments and gastronomic routes.

Very versatile and fresh long knit pants. Black and colored. Also a jacket that is not too bulky in case it cools down, comfortable dresses. You can combine them with sports shoes or flat and very comfortable sandals.

If you need a touch of more elegance, opt for a dress, midi or long skirt combination. For destinations on the coast, beach, sun, sand... you will need lighter garments to keep you cool, loose pants, airy dresses, embracing bright colors and cheerful prints.

The important thing is to be comfortable without ever losing your style. When you plan a trip, the organization of the suitcase is essential. There are essential garments, but, on the other hand, we always sin by taking other totally expendable ones that we end up not wearing.

Instinto's star garments for summer

At Instinto we advise you for your summer and vacation outfits. The ideal is to bet on garments that can be combined with each other, in this way you can vary your outfits using fewer garments.

Think that when you pack your suitcase to travel, you will appreciate it. Keep in mind that when packing your luggage, less is always more.

Pirate pants are one of our star garments. Wide pirates that adjust with rubber at the waist where their light fabric gives them movement and fluidity, providing a lot of comfort.

Short and cool skirts, flared shirts and long jackets, very light sleeveless tops made of cotton with a wrinkled texture and other fabrics such as viscose.

Original and coordinated striped prints, in red and blue tones, are always very flattering and give a marine touch to your look, as well as multicolored stripes that bring joy and vitality.

 T-shirts with an oversize cut in cotton and viscose, they will always provide comfort and the ways to wear them are endless, with skirts, light long pants, leggings, crop tops, jeans, etc.

Nor can dresses be missing, a perfect option to wear at a dinner, a party or simply for a walk. From plain colors to floral and abstract prints, with a fresh and original style.

For places where it tends to cool down at night, our pants and jacket sets and fine cotton and viscose jackets are ideal. Combinable with different looks. To carry in your bag, a scarf is ideal if you enter a restaurant with the air conditioning at full throttle.

Enjoy the summer, your vacations, your trips and getaways, but always comfortable and fresh, with Instinct garments.


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