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Summer is the time of year in which we look for fresh, adaptable, comfortable clothing that gives us ease of movement, yes, without losing elegance and style.

The concept of the wardrobe background emerged in the seventies in London. Susie Faux's boutique whose name was "Wardrobe" worked there. She was the one who established the idea of ​​the capsule wardrobe, from which the concept of wardrobe was later derived.

A wardrobe consists of having a limited number of clothes that combine with practically everything and that never go out of style with the change of season.

It is very practical to have some basic garments that are part of your wardrobe. Basic t-shirts of different colors, off-road dresses, jeans, a bag that goes well with all your looks, a blazer, a suit for a special event...

In this post we have searched for five basic Instinct garments designed and manufactured in Barcelona. Super stylish and timeless garments that will become part of your wardrobe. Go for it!

5 Instinct staples that never go out of style

Some basic garments that manage to create a good wardrobe are those garments that are easy to combine both with other basic garments and with the fashion trends of each season. They are very versatile pieces that can be used daily, at work and for travel.


The jackets are long t-shirts or sweaters below the hip, which stylize the figure, very useful for our daily routine.

At Instinto we have long V-neck tops or inner pieces with straps made of crepe knit, an elastic, breathable fabric that is very pleasant to the touch.

Our jackets with different necklines and shapes will not disappoint you, they are very combinable and comfortable, made with natural, elastic fabrics and with a lot of drape. In bright colors or black, always flattering in your day to day.

combinable with jeans, long pants, pirates or skirts. You can dress casually or more elegantly depending on how you combine them.

In black, red and in the colors of our menu. The important thing is that they are made of cotton, modal or viscose, the fabrics are breathable, which, in addition, will serve you for any time of the year. When it's hot, to wear them on the body and when the cold arrives, under any sweater or jacket, acting as a second layer.


Without a doubt, tops are one of the basic garments that we always appreciate having in our wardrobe. Tank tops, short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves for any occasion.

At Instinto we have tops with an original, very elegant turtleneck, in crepe stitch.

Both in basic colors, such as black, grey, white... as well as in colors from our menu: red, green, turquoise, fuchsia, petroleum... that combine with different pants and skirts, both plain and patterned.


At Instinct we have several types of pants.

Shorts below the knee known as pirate pants are back to be a trend during this summer 2022. They are ideal for cool summer nights.

At Instinct we have many models of pirate pants in different colors that are super comfortable, wide, with a lot of movement and fluidity. Capri pants made of viscose fabric with elastane, which works as a skirt-trousers.

Straight line pants never go out of style, whether they are pirates or long. With a pattern that suits all bodies, stylizing the figure.

On the other hand, the widest pants with a band at the waist are also a basic where comfort prevails and they favor all women.


Summer is the ideal time to do outdoor activities. Take a walk in the countryside, go on excursions or do sports in the mountains.

To enjoy all these plans, a very comfortable and elastic outfit is necessary. Short leggings are an ideal garment to be comfortable and cool during the summer.

At Instinto we have fine leggings made of viscose or modal fabric in different colors that can be combined with a wide plain or printed cotton or viscose jacket.

A basic in any woman's wardrobe is a black leggings. It is the perfect ally for any event or for day to day.


At Instinto we have dresses with straps, Japanese sleeves, short, ¾ sleeve or sleeveless, made of very soft and elastic knitted fabrics in different prints and plains. Without a doubt, a very comfortable, combinable and special garment.

Thinking of dresses as a wardrobe background may seem too sophisticated and the truth is that many of them are cornered because there are few special occasions to wear them.

But as in everything, there are dresses and dresses... At Instinto we always bet on garments that feel good and you can put them to good use and take advantage of them.

We cannot deny that putting on a dress in the morning is very comfortable and fast. They have that power. Do not think about how to combine the rest of the look, something that with the rush that we have spent many days is appreciated. A plis plas and you're already beautiful!

Instinto, your store to create your perfect wardrobe background

In short, the basics of the wardrobe never go out of style, they are very versatile and are always a good investment. They are timeless and always in trend. Simple lines, quality garments in black or bright colours.

It is a way to ensure an infinite number of looks for each day and they can always be combined with the new trends of the season.


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