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What is Instinto? Women's clothing made in Barcelona

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Instinct is a project that was born in the 80s in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona by the hand of three women: Cris, Dolors and Elsa. Three creatives who decide to bet on sustainable, different and quality fashion for all types of women.

In this article we will travel through its history, its values, its clothes and other aspects that will allow us to get to know this clothing brand that leaves no one indifferent. Ready?

Here we go!

A bit of the history of Instinct

In the beginning, they started with handcrafted screen printing, making all kinds of prints, on stockings, gloves, swimsuits… which they sold in gift and design shops in Barcelona. Over time they decided to open their own physical stores, a way to give visibility to the brand and bring Instinto closer to its buyers, creating a space where the soul of Instinto could be breathed.

The first store they opened was in Sitges, where their origins are found, the light of the Mediterranean, the color… Later they set up another one in Barcelona in the Gothic quarter, near the Ramblas (when there were booksellers and antique dealers) and in Bilbao, when they inaugurated the Guggenheim and the city was in full transformation. You will currently find them in the neighborhoods of Gracia and Sant Antoni.

With the opening of the stores, the first fashion collections arrived. Collections where color and fantasy began to be the protagonists. Unique, different and very, very original designs and prints. With printed cotton knit fabrics and also the creation of its own comfortable and adaptable fabrics, which marked the identity of what Instinto is today.

The values ​​of instinct

Quality fabrics

At all times they seek excellent quality based on the comfort, durability and originality of all their garments. For Instinto, a priority is to work with knitted fabrics such as cotton, viscose, bamboo and other fibers that offer textures, natural touches and fantasies.

Own manufacturing

Instinto has its own clothing and serigraphy workshop, where most of the operations for its production are carried out. From the design of the fabric, to the printing of the garment, finishes and modeling of its collections.

The fabrics are manufactured in Catalonia in compliance with environmental standards. They control even the smallest detail of production to provide quality and durability to the garment. Garments made with a lot of love, taking care of all the details and final finishes.

Exclusive designs

In all their garments they seek their own unique identity through exclusive designs, where each woman can find her own style. They have an artisanal, Barcelonan and urban stamp that distinguishes them. They have a wide variety of models and shapes with sizes up to XXXL, designed for all types of women.

They have a wide variety of clothing: sweaters, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, jackets and coats. They also produce accessories with screen-printed prints: patterned tights, tactile gloves, socks, masks, scarves and buffs.⁣

Clothing with personality

Each collection has a different history, colors, fabrics, finishes and clothing. All the experience, inspiration and creativity of its creators are reflected in the designs of their garments that manage to create collections with a great personality, a timeless spirit, offering versatility and different looks and styles for different occasions.

Women in power

Instinct is a clothing project designed and manufactured by women, for women. They are very committed to the feminist impulse in the labor market, since they have a team that has grown over time and is currently made up of 15 women. All of them contribute their professional, creative and dynamic vision to Instinto.

Own shops and workshop

Currently, Instinto has two physical stores located in commercial and emblematic neighbourhoods: Gracia and Sant Antoni where you can find all the collections conceived, designed and made in Barcelona.

The Gracia store is located on Calle Astúries, 7 and the Sant Antoni store is on Calle Tamarit, 164. They are large spaces where the collections are arranged by colours, patterns and designs that make shopping easier.

In addition, all Instinto clothing is 100% made in Barcelona. They have their own workshop located in the Gracia neighborhood. In this space where they carry out all the production processes, from the design of the garment, choice of fabrics, pattern making, finishes, to screen printing, final tailoring and finishing of the garment.

Cris, Dolors and Elsa are always looking for new colors, fabrics and prints to create unique, different and timeless collections for all women.

Sustainable and local fashion

In Instinto they defend sustainable fashion or slow fashion, a way of thinking, doing and consuming fashion in a conscious and intentional way. Be respectful with the environment, with the workers and in the form of consumption of the clients.

At Instinto they are very committed to the textile industry and to all their clients. They are committed to the quality, durability and longevity of all their garments. Small and timeless productions.

In the Instinto workshop they promote the care of the production processes, seeking the quality of each garment and ensuring that they are durable and sustainable over time. They avoid excessive production, excessive consumption and ephemeral fashion so characteristic of fast fashion.

Instinct: your trusted clothing brand

In Instinto they love what is different, unconventional, those clothes that leave no one indifferent. All their clothes have a story, they talk about you, your style and your personality.

We are all different. Women, wives, single women, mothers, grandmothers, friends... At Instinto they want to dress all women, of all ages and types.

Come visit them in their physical stores and their professionals will advise you according to your tastes and needs to find that garment that defines you, that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, at ease and above all very happy.

Are you coming to discover your own style?


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